A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

You're late. They'll be waiting. You should leave; they'll be expecting you at the docks.

There might be a crowd though.

It's been a while since you went out, hasn't it? How long? The days have been blurring together a bit. You should probably be fine though, they gave you pills for that.

Maybe you should just stay inside after all.

No, it'll be fine. Just... don't look. Don't even think, walk right past.

You'll be okay.

A free, short experimental game from 2012

Game - Alexander Muscat
Writing - Mathew Stone
Decor & other assets - Jason Prentice
Music & audio - Courtney Blackney

Alexander Muscat
Website: alexandermuscat.io
Twitter: @alexandermuscat

Install instructions

Unzip forward_march_(OS)
Open forward_march_(OS)
Run the executable
WASD - Move
Mouse - Look
Esc - Quit


forward_march_win.zip 161 MB
forward_march_mac.zip 162 MB

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