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What if the world we could see, wasn't quite what it seemed? In World⁴ explore a chameleonic, abstract world and uncover its hidden secrets through four pairs of eyes. Navigate a virtual world divided across four displays to discover environmental sights and curiosities that if only seen on one display – may be out of sight on the next. Explore in tandem with onlookers and uncover the world's many different ambiguous, enigmatic dimensions.

World⁴ has been designed to be played on four displays, arranged in a square or rectangular position facing outwards. This prototype version can be played on a multiple-display set-up, or single display using a split-screen 'quad view'.

Alexander Muscat
Website: alexandermuscat.io
Twitter: @alexandermuscat

Install instructions

To use the multiple-display option, the computer running World⁴ must be connected to four display outputs. Although the square, outwards facing display arrangement is recommended, I encourage any sort of experimentation.

Extract the downloaded .zip file and run the World4.exe or .app.

When launching World⁴, select or press 'S' for split-screen or 'M' for multi-display and 'L' to load the game.

World⁴ has support for Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 controllers, and Keyboard and Mouse. Use the controller thumbsticks or WSAD and mouse to move and look.


World4_Windows.zip (18 MB)
World4_Mac.zip (20 MB)


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Loved the video, thanks for playing!

Thanks for making the game! Let us know when you make a new one for us to play.

It so amazing and AMAZING game, indie is cool!

Cheers, thank you Ants!