A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Explore a four-dimensional world as one. What hidden sights will you discover? Where does the world end? 

Explore on your own or with others. What you can see might not be what it seems.

WORLD4 can be played on a single display or on four displays. How you choose to play is up to you.

Alexander Muscat
Website: alexandermuscat.io
Twitter: @alexandermuscat

Install instructions

To use the multiple-display option your computer must be connected to four display outputs.

Extract the downloaded .zip file and run the World4.exe or .app.

Once launched press 'S' for split-screen or 'M' for multi-display and 'L' to load the game.

Xbox 360, PlayStation 4 controllers, and Keyboard and Mouse are supported.

Use thumbsticks or WSAD and mouse to move and look.


WORLD4windows.zip (Q4 2016) (18 MB)
WORLD4mac.zip (Q4 2016) (20 MB)
OLD VERSION (Q1 2016) - World4_Windows.zip (18 MB)
OLD VERSION (Q1 2016) - World4_Mac.zip (20 MB)

Development log


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What is the gameplay like? We try out this game and discuss the possibilities of the mechanic it explores in GMVR.

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Loved the video, thanks for playing!

Thanks for making the game! Let us know when you make a new one for us to play.

It so amazing and AMAZING game, indie is cool!

Cheers, thank you Ants!